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Jan 29/08

New tour dates with Phosphorecent.

Mar 8/07 Updating

Regarding the "days off" in April, there'll be updates in and around Kentucky and Boston/PortlandME. And soon coming are dates in France and Spain in May, all with TJO. If you're on the West Coast or in the UK and more northern parts of Europe, gonna see you later in the year. We could use a little help with booking in the UK (all parts) and Germany, if you're into it. Furthermore...

For domestic booking, write to
For international booking, please write here with the subject "booking: (city/country)."

Jan. 25/07 Sheets of Easter

Parts & Labor, A Pink Cloud, Diamond Caverns, and what we all have in common:

Look here first. There's this, too.

Jan. 17/07

The new record (There's No Home; CD/Vinyl) will be out in March. The EP (CD/Vinyl) will follow. April tour (Northeast->Chicago->Texas) with John Hunter in tow to precede possible return to parts of Europe in May. Duet planning is happening, and February is the time. West coast and other domestics later in the summer/year, and if you know how to tour other parts of the world (Japan, Australia, Eastern Europe, South America, etc.,) get in touch.

We around here are stoked for Matteah Baim's record (DiCristina), several upcoming Gnomonsong releases, the cold, the return of heat, and the recently recovered ability to purchase things, namely socks, bike locks and coveted Stockhausen records.

Oct. 5/06 Discollective

A while back I made a list of songs I enjoy for, to whom I am grateful for the opportunity. That list is now up.

Jul. 11/06 Topsiders

Red Hunter (Peter & the Wolf; no relation), Castanets, and I are doing a tour later this summer that puts us on a sailboat skippered by OCDJ from NJ. It'll look something like this:

Sat AUG 19 - Brooklyn, NY - Empty Vessel Project (early show)
Sat AUG 19 Brooklyn, NY - Northsix (later show; downstairs)
Sun AUG 20 OFF
Mon AUG 21 OFF
Tue AUG 22 Somewhere, NJ
Wed AUG 23 Cape May, NJ
Thu AUG 24 OFF
Fri AUG 25 OFF
Sat AUG 26 Philadelphia, PA
Sun AUG 27 OFF
Mon AUG 28 Wilmington, DE
Tue AUG 29 Baltimore
Wed AUG 30 Annapolis, MD
Thu SEP 1 Washington, DC
Sun SEP 4 Norfolk, VA - Relative Theory

Open dates will hopefully be filled in with shows, possibly impromptu, on beaches and the like.

Jul. 5/06 Cassettes

This company has released BUHD on cassette. It's 2 cassettes featuring extra songs, live versions, demo versions, and awesome packaging. A very limited run, a few of which will be available at live shows. The same is true of a home-made EP - 5 new songs, hastily recorded and packaged in mailers with hand drawn covers.

Jun. 1/06 JRACULA

A band I'm in, that I slay in, that I badly dance in, has some songs up on spymace. Hrra.

Castanets will tour in July and August with Black Heart Procession and the Devics, and I have come to think that I will play some bass and sing some alto and provide a rock function (one of several.)

May 21/06 Time off, recording, monkeython

Most of June and July wil be dedicated to getting a few projects finished, among them:

A split cd, one "side" being Jracula (band involving Aaron Bartz of Tame...Tame and Quiet and Butterfly Knife, Toto Miranda of Octopus Project and Woozyhelmet, and Jay Crossley of Jay and also of Woozyhelmet) and the other "side" being one of the various faces, as yet undetermined, of the pantheon that is Arthur Bates (my hoes are for Thick Cybernetic Scarecrow. I meant my hopes, but my hoes are for this as well). Another hope is that the cd will feature a short film by James Weigel, aka Diamond Gem, aka Silver Bullets, featuring performances by myself and Mssr. Bates in addition to other undesirables/hotties.

A split vinyl (7-inch ?) between my younger electro-ignorant self and those gods of devil and bitch noise, Indian Jewelry, to be released on Centerville (Bartz and Matthew Brownlie of Bring Back the Guns.)

Another split, this one between Matty & Mossy (unreleased instrumentals) and Inoculist (irreleased urstrumentals).

And some other stuff, maybe.

The latter summer includes more bassing in Castanets, the Peter and the Wolf, 'Nets, and JH boat tour skippered by one OCDJ, possibles with Metallic Falcons (a million!) and circuits with Deertick, for whom yall had better continue to watch the fuck out.

Feb. 21/06

Tour with Castanets drawing to a close, sadly. See dates on the Live page for an upcoming US tour and soon to be announced Europe tour with Marissa Nadler, plus an endorsement of unicorns.

Dec. 19/05

Upcoming tour dates as a member of Castanets (with some opening performances) in parts of Europe (Jan. - Mar.), stateside (Mar.- May; with a band?! maybe), and another maybe in the form of some more European dates mid-summer with Marissa Nadler. Spots at SXSW and Devendra's day at ATP. A lot of hot shit I am real psyched on. Meanwhile, my brother and friends' band, Dethro Skull, is preparing to re-conquer Houston. Beware!

Oct. 10/05

Blank Unstaring... is here, in my hands, anyhow, and coming to whatever stores will have it in week or so's time. Maybe two. Godwilling, maybe touring as part of Castanets for a bit in late November, early December. Probable UK/Europe solo performances in mid-December, and renewed states touring starting early next year. Lots of Austin/Houston shows. Need a haircut.

Aug. 8/05

The split LP on Troubleman Unlimited is now available in stores, as well as at shows. The RK cover (Dev's, acourse) is butt-shaking at its essence. Almost out, Voodoo-EROS's "The Enlightened Family" lost recordings compilation. Maybe out, Spleen's "The Black & White Skins: Vol. 1" on Le Disque du Crepuscule. A full-length (Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom; Gnomonsong 001) is done, and will probably happen late September/early October.

Three more weeks of tour, this time heading south with the cantankered magic wonderment of Meadows, Mouth of Leaves, and Lights. Meadows is a solo monster, whereas Mouth of Leaves and Lights are two-pieces. Elsewhise, go see them in Brooklyn. All are liable to kill you in your sleep and bring you back a bedazzled hippy zombie. Or zonkey eh simone? We set out soon, in our "The Summer of Golden Blood," dumping finally in Texas. Party.

My old band, Matty & Mossy, has some songs in this movie, and also, in this one, both excellent films by one Andrew Bujalski.